Who We Are

Even after thousands of years of exploration the sea is one of the few places on Earth that still holds a treasure of mystery. And there’s no better way to explore than with Maui Scooter Dive.

Maui Scooter Dive has strong roots in the scuba community. Our goal has always been to help our customers explore the wonders of the sea in as safe, professional, and exciting way possible.

What We Do

Our clients learn the art of scuba diving and sea exploration, taught by a certified master instructor. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers light up with joy. That’s why Maui Scooter Dive is proud to present the greatest way to explore the wonders of the water in modern times: the under water scooter.

There’s nothing like the feeling of riding a car with the window down. Nothing like feeling the wind blowing through your hair as the enchanting countryside flies by. Now, thanks to our under water scooter, you can bring that same feeling and excitement into the sea.

Fun For Everyone

Before, scuba divers had to worry about stamina and fatigue. Even the most experienced of divers were limited to a slow trek into the ocean. It really put a limit on how much fun the everyday customer could have. It required a lot of time, a lot of work, and very little exploring. Now the underwater enthusiast can see what the sea has to offer and without having to exhaust themselves.

Imagine seeing the sea turtles swim just above your head. Imagine the coral reefs and the bright colored fish jetting from one eye catching plant to another. All those breath taking images from the movies right there to see and touch at your leisure. With our underwater scooter, customers can safely fly through the water just like they would on a fresh, open country road. And better yet, not only is this an exciting new technology, it’s one that greatly expands the variety of people who can take part in scuba diving.

Safe For The Whole Family

The days of sea exploration being reserved only for the young, the fit, and the professionally trained are over.  Our under water scooters take a lot of the physical strain out of sea exploration. Don’t leave your loved ones behind. Now the whole family can come along for the journey, see the sights, and witness firsthand Earth’s most majestic hidden wonders.

Safe, easy, accessible. Experience underwater exploration in comfort.

Try Us Out

Come on down to Maui Scooter Dive today and try us out. We’re always ready to help.

There’s a whole magical world out there beneath the surface of the sea. Let’s explore it together.